Research Team Reports

Click on the links below to view the 2017-18 research reports:

Neuro-otology and Auditory Science

   Auditory Science Laboratory
   Neurotology and Vestibular Research
   Cochlear Implant Research
   Neurotology and Otology Research
   Auditory Development and Regeneration
   Pedatric Cochlear Implant Research
   OtoSim™ Lab

Head & Neck Oncology

   Head and Neck Oncology Research - SHSC
   Head and Neck Surgical Research - UHN
   Head and Neck Oncology Research - SHS
   Head and Neck Translational Program

Head & Neck Surgery

   Guided Therapeutics (GTx) Research
   Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Research


   Rhinology/Skull Base Research - SHS
   Rhinology Research - SMH

Voice and Upper Airway

   Paediatric Voice and Airway Research
   Voice and Upper Airway Laboratory