Message from the Program Director

As the largest Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery program in the country we train approximately 25-30 total residents per year. The residency program is completed over a five year period; residents will either pursue specialized fellowship training following graduation, or secure a position as a practicing otolaryngologist.

Our program is in-line with the Royal College standards and we are one of the two clinical programs implementing the new Competency by Design (CBD) curriculum for the 2016-2017 academic year. Please view our CaRMS page for a detailed program description which includes CBD information and our Annual Percy Ireland page to view the outstanding research accomplishments by our residents.

Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, Residents 2016-2017
[Left to Right] Front Row: Christopher Noel-PGY1, Jennifer Wang-PGY5, Sunita Rai-PGY2, Yael Bensoussan-PGY3, Visiting Professor Dr. Dan Fliss,
Dr. Ian Witterick, Josie Xu-PGY2, Florence Mok-PGY1, Jennifer Siu-PGY1, Mirko Manojlovic Kolarski-PGY2

Middle Row: Xiao Zhao-PGY4, Frédérick Laliberté -PGY2, Neil Arnstead-PGY1, Gordon Tsang-PGY5, Michael Au-PGY5, Christopher Yao-PGY4,
Andrew Ma-PGY4, Patrick Scheffler-PGY3, Christopher Hong-PGY1, Stephen Chen-PGY4, Weibo Hao-PGY3 

Back Row: Jason Xu-PGY4, Gian-Marco Busato-PGY5, Michael Awad-PGY4, Gavin le Nobel-PGY5, Joel Davies-PGY2, Peter Dixon-PGY3

Absent: Dr. Paolo Campisi,  Yelda Jozaghi-PGY3, Jonathan Yip-PGY4


Paolo Campisi, MSc, MD, FRCSC
Professor, Vice Chair of Education
Director of Postgraduate Education
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Program Director since 2010